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Related article: Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 12:41:36 +0100 From: Warren Mason Subject: after.florida.jail, Installment #1This is the continuation of a trip I took to Key West, which landed me in jail for two and a half weeks and during which time I had the most complex and abundant sexual experiences of my life. The tale begins in the 'Authoritarian' section of 'Gay Male' with '6' Installments under the title "in.florida.jail". This is the 7th chapter in the saga. There will be several more chapters, some in this section and some elsewhere.If you like the tale email me Young Lolita Toplist at You can send me a picture of your big dick if you want. When I passed through processing that morning the lawyer was waiting for me on the other side. As I've said he looked like Martin Luther King to me the first time I saw him. Now he looked more like some of the older blues men I had seen in New York at some of the clubs I attended. I won't use his name but will refer to him as ???"Well, you're a free man." was what he said."Thanks." I replied. I was seriously stoned on the coke, having loaded up my head before leaving the cell. I was already wondering where I would get more. I suppose I should have been more Young Lolita Toplist gracious, said more than, "Thanks". I think it would have looked a little more strange, my getting out like this, had I been less stoned."You can thank Carl for turning me on to you. And, I guess you can thank me too for taking an interest. It wasn't much though. They were in the wrong all the way."I followed him out to his car. "I'll take you to the impound lot to get your car." He said as we drove away. He patted my knee. Already I was wondering what was up here and he didn't take long telling me. "You know already that there is a lot of sex and drugs in that place. Of course you didn't see as much of it as you would have if you had been in the population. It stands to reason that it extends outside the jail as well."I looked at him and didn't say anything. I could feel his hand still on my leg. In that calculating way that I was developing I was wondering if he could score some more coke for me. I had my credit cards and cash returned to me on leaving and I was more than glad to buy some if I could find out how and where."So maybe you know that I share the tastes of some of the guards, some of the people you ran into." There it is...I thought."I didn't know that. You don't seem...""Gay?" he said."Yeah," I replied."I've always been." he answered. "Never thought much about it except to keep it under wraps. First time I saw you I wondered if we might get to know each other better. Why don't you tell me what went on in there."So I told him the most of it, leaving out the events of the last day and my participation with Patrick and Bobby. Somehow I didn't think he wanted to hear that part. I was already getting squirrely again, shifting in my seat and playing with my hair."My, my, you had yourself a time, didn't you?" He replied. "Loved every minute of it?""Well, no, not every minute I assure you, but parts of it were great."We picked up my car and then he asked me if I wanted to come to his place for lunch and maybe get high too. That last was enough for me. I followed him to his home which was a very hi-end estate behind stone walls. The back end sat on the inland waterway. It wasn't Donald Trump style but it was nice...very. Single level and sprawling, the house was a U with the two wings facing on to the waterway, coming right to the edge in fact. Across from it was nothing but jungle. He told me later that he owned the lot across the way and had it set up as a privacy barrier.When we came into the house we were greeted by a young Spanish boy, maybe he was 17 or so, named Ramon. He was dressed in mute green silk lounging clothes. ??? led me into the living room and brought a cannister to the large redwood table centered between encircling white leather couches. It contained several ounces of Cocaine. "This is the finest product you will ever taste." He said. That shit you were snorting in jail doesn't match up well I am afraid."I had thought the coke I was snorting was wonderful but I did'nt know much about coke at the time. I didn't even know that people 'cut' it. We snorted some lines and he told me some things about himself and his life there in Florida. ??? apparently represented a great many drug cases and, as a result, made a lot of money and always had drugs. He had parties too and this is what he wanted to talk to me about, that and fuck me.He said that once a month he had a party there with 20 or 30 people. Half of them were 'boys' (that's what he called them) like myself that he had gotten out of the jail I was in, or another jail. Most of them lived in the area but there was always a demand for fresh bodies. He asked me if I would be willing to attend the next one in repayment for his help. I asked him when it was and he said it was to be two weeks following, on the weekend.I said I could time my trip to return then and I was glad to come. I was too, out of gratitude and also because of the possibility of sex and drugs. He then told me that in exchange he would give me some coke to take with me to The Keys as well as some for my return to New York. You couldn't beat that deal. While he was talking I saw the difference between his coke and what I had had. I was literally transported on gossamer clouds, lifted into another area of mind than I had been to before."Wow!" I said, as he chopped out more lines."Wonderful, isn't it?" he had a big grin as he looked at me."The very best." I replied."Why don't you take off your clothes and let me look at you?" he asked.I snorted my lines and then did as he asked. I felt a trilling female energy running all up and down my skin as I undressed."Damn! You are fine." he said.I felt a heat coiling in the soft muscles of my asshole and another ripple of fire moving up and down my spine. My cock was hanging but swollen. He reached with his hand and cupped my balls as I stood facing him. He bent his head and turned it sideways and inhaled my cock into his mouth. He sucked at me for a minute until my cock stood out in front of me."You are truly beautiful." he said. "I love young white boys. I always have."He got up now and undressed. Once his clothes were removed I could see how powerfully built he was. He was a broad man, along the lines of Torres and his cock was much like Torres's cock, a blunt, thick instrument. He was uncircumcized. His cock was half hard and already 8 inches long. I anticipated that it would be about 10 inches when fully hard and perhaps 5 to six inches in circumference."Come here." he said. He folded me into his arms and began to kiss my neck. I was flying from the coke and felt myself melt into his arms. I ran my hands down his back and over his ass. Then I kissed down his chest until I fell to my knees. I licked at his cock and then took him into my mouth. I sucked at him, trying to take all of him in but I could not. He groaned and said, "Oh baby, yes, oh you elegant cocksucker. Oh what a sweet pretty mouth."I gagged repeatedly and snorted fluid from my nose, slobbering a bit and wiping at my mouth so as not to drip on the carpet. He saw this. "Don't you worry about any kind of a mess. Ramon!." He called. Ramon appeared instantly. "Bring me a towel so that I can fuck this boy on the couch."Ramon caught my eye and smiled briefly, going away and returning in a flash. "I have brought the lubrication and the poppers too. I thought you would want...""Good, Good..." ??? said.Ramon moved to the back of the living room and stood there.??? unstoppered a bottle and inserted the top of it into Young Lolita Toplist my nostrils. I inhaled. What a rush! I had never had 'poppers' before. I felt instantly much darker and wilder, beautifully sleazy too. "Oh Jesus!" I said. I fell to my knees again and sucked with abandon at his throbbing black cock. This time I could occasionally feel the wire of his pubic hair briefly brush my lips, still gagging on occasion. This seemed to really turn him on."Oh yeah, suck that big cock boy." he commanded. I did.I took each of his huge balls singely into my mouth. It was not possible to get them both in. They were large heavy and pendulous. I kissed and licked him under his balls and climbing beneath him I parted the checks of his ass and probed the hole with my tongue. I was on fire. "Oh honey, you are one wild slut." he said.I returned to sucking his cock. After a time he pulled from my mouth and pressed me to sit on the towel spread on the couch. He grasped my legs from behind the knees and pressed them to my chest. Then he proceeded to rim me beautifully. My cock contracted constantly, hard as a rock. He forced his tongue deep into my very willing ass and I moaned and cried out from the pleasure."Oh girl you are so so fine." he said. "Your black daddy is going to feed you some cock now.""I want you to fuck me." I replied and wriggled my ass in anticipation. In the position I was in my ass keep sliding forward and gravity pulled me down on the couch. He positioned himself in front of me and lifted my feet to wrap around his neck. Then he rubbed some lubrication into my ass. He pressed the head of his cock at my ass opening and slowly split me wide open. "Oh God." I cried, I levered myself forward and he pushed his dick, so deliciously slow, all the way into me. I gasped from this massive intrusion and started crying out, "Fuck me. I want to be your sweet girl. Fuck me with your hard black dick!" No need for keeping my voice down now. I really got into it. He fucked me soft and deep and he fucked me hard and deep. My cock was contracting in a fast pulse to the rhytmn of his thrusts. I looked into his eyes and he came forward and kissed my mouth.His tongue went into my mouth and I was in Heaven. The coke was coursing through my body and his cock was hammering into my ass. "Oh girl," he said, "you are the best.It was such an intense pleasure for me, not being in jail, this huge cock opening me up, Ramon watching from his position at the back of the room. I cried out all kinds of things. I could feel myself nearing orgasm and I told him so. He brought the little bottle to my nose again and I took prodigious snorts from the vapors of the bottle. I went to another planet. I could feel my ass contracting, seeking to crush his cock with my pussy muscles, squeezing and pushing forward, wanting all of him. I exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors, my come burst out on his chest and on my chest and chin. I don't know for how long I orgasmed. I cried out over and over again. Then he said he was coming and he screamed as he shot his load of cum into my ass. I keep coming in my ass. Waves of pulsing energy shot through me. It was incredible."Oh God..Oh God! I kept saying, trying to kiss him, my whole body was shaking. Finally it came to an end and he slowly pulled his dick from my ass. I sat there looking at him as his cum leaked from my ass on to the towel."That was one of the best fucks of my life." he said. "You were so into that."I smiled. "yes I was." I replied.He said. "I have to go, but you can stay through the night, get an early start in the morning." He poured several grams of the coke on to the table and said, "This should keep you for awhile. I got business to do. Ramon will get you something to eat and I'll be back tonight." As he dressed he continued to speak. "I want to you tell Ramon what kind of an outfit you want for the party. All the boys dress up as their fantasy. You know a lot of men might fuck you that night. That's okay with you?""If that's what you want." I answered."That's what I want." he said. "I'll just catch a shower at my office. I'm late." Then he was gone.I sat where I was for awhile, feeling that special feeling of the cum leaking from my ass into the towel. Then I got up.Ramon came toward me. "Parties are a big thing here." he said. "He fuck you good huh?""Beautiful." I replied."It makes me hard watching." he said and then he pulled down his pants. He had a large cock for such a slender and small person."Do you want me to suck it." I asked."NO, is okay." he replied. "But maybe you watch me jerk off?""Okay." I said."Come" he gestured for me to follow. We went into his room and he undressed. He took a vibrator from a drawer and rubbed oil on it. Then he laid back on his bed and began to stroke his cock, moaning. "I am thinking of his big dick in your ass.""it was wonderful." I said. "When he shot his cum into me I came again."Ramon was moaning and stroking himself. Then he inserted the vibrator into his ass. I could hear it humming as it vibrated inside him. It did not take long. "Oh, watch me me cum." he screamed. I did. He really got off. Then he went into the bathroom and cleaned himself. I just stood there waiting.Later we talked about how I wanted to dress. I told him I would like to dress up like a Chinese girl in a tight kimono with a slit up the side, a blue one...and I would wear blue makeup. Then I had a thought. "Is there a way to make the dress so that my ass is naked? I mean could it be make so that I could be fucked without taking my clothes off?""Whatever you want you can have." he said. He took my measurements and went away. I snorted coke and drank wine for the rest of the day and finally fell asleep in the evening. ??? woke me up. I could feel him laying naked beside me, pressing his stiff cock into my ass. He rolled me on to my stomach and fucked me until he came. In the morning he fucked me again and then I left Young Lolita Toplist with a promise that I would return for his party. he gave me a vial with half an ounce of coke in it. This was just fucking great. I was having a Magical Mystery Tour.Before leaving my cell Patrick had given me the address of his mother and sister in Key Largo. I planned to stop by and see them, maybe get them to help Patrick out. I think that was his intention too, though he hadn't said so, just to tell them where he was.I got to Key Largo in the early afternoon and quickly found their trailer. It was set back in a copse of scrub trees and palms. There was no car there, even though it was Saturday. When I knocked the door was opened by a young girl. I told her why I had come and she invited me in. She was about 5'3" and quite slender though well formed in a tight gymnastic sort of way. She had short brown hair and small well-formed breasts that she wore without the benefit of a bra, which she did not need. She was dressed in a white t-shirt with something or other on it, can't remember now and tight blue jeans. Her ass was her most arresting feature, well-shaped and firm in her skin tight jeans. She had a pretty oval face with blue eyes and a full sensous mouth. She reminds me now a little like Wonona Ryder in Edward Sissorhands. I found out later that she was 14. She looked older but I think that was more to do with the street smart attitude she had. Her name was Heather.I'd brought a couple of six packs of imported beer and while we drank one and sat at the kitchen table I told her about Patrick, not the sex, just his situation. Their mother was at work until 6:00 at a nearby supermarket.She seemed like a nice person but you could tell there was a hard edge if you got nasty with her. It probably wasn't easy living on the margin and in a nowhere place like Key Largo (her words). I thought it was beautiful, the area.I wanted to snort some coke but I did'nt know how to broach the subject. Finally I thought of how to bring it up without compromising myself if she wasn't into it. I asked her if she did drugs.Her eyes went wide. "Do you have any?""I might." I said, "but I don't want to get into trouble. I just got out of jail.""No, I won't tell." she said. "I like to get high." I could see a coy look in her face now and I could also feel an eagerness in her that made me think things could go a long way if I played my cards right. I thought that she probably thinks I have pot or something, possibly hoping for more. I knew the coke and it's quality would floor her. And I needed to be with a female after what I had been through. I was in danger of becoming too much of a girl myself. I thought, if we get high, the talk can become suggestive. Some coke and a few more beers and we would be very mellow How experienced could she be? They certainly didn't have coke like this down here."Well," I said, "I've got some coke.""Coke." she practically screamed. "I'd love some coke. Please." her eyes pleaded.I pulled out the coke and dumped some on to the table. YOu should have seen her eyes go wide when she saw how much there was. "Holy shit! I've never seen that much coke before."I smiled. "Not only is there a lot of it, but it's the very best."We snorted some lines and then I asked her how she had come across coke in her circles. Apparently she had met some guy a few months earlier who had turned her on to it a couple of times. "Wow!" she said after a few minutes. "This is incredible. I am really flying""It's the best there is." I replied. I could feel the shift in the rooms energy as the coke took hold and I chopped out some more lines. She got up and went to the icebox for more beers. I watched her cute ass move as she went. I could feel my cock harden and I pulled it taut under my pants. I did not wear underwear and you could see it formed there on the side of my leg. I hoped she would see it.She came back and gave me a beer. I smiled at her and let my eyes dift down to her breasts. I know she saw this because I let my eyes linger before dropping further to gaze at the tight outline of her sex. She sat down. Her face was flushed from the coke and the energy in the room."Don't tell my mom that you gave me coke." she said."What, do I look crazy?" I said."It's just...oh shit! Hang on." she went to the phone and made a call. It sounded like she was telling a girlfriend she couldn't come over because she was going somewhere else for the day. It was interesting watching her lie so glibly. "My friend would have come over here if I didn't show up." she said, "And I wanted to hang out with you.""I'm flattered." I said."Cute too." she said with a nice smile. "You've got amazing eyes."This is how people get when they're high. the walls break down and they can countenance anything in a short period of time. Believe me I know, I was there. I saw it."Most parents don't like their kids doing drugs." I said. I looked at her breasts again and then her eyes, smiling at her with a 'come closer look. I could see that 'who knows what look' in her eyes. She arched her back and stretched her arms, pressing her breasts against her t-shirt. ""That coke is sooo good." she said."Have some more." I replied. She did. I was really getting aroused now. When she came up she wiped her nose and her eyes had a glazed sheen in them. Then I saw her eyes go to my crotch area and then widen. She looked away. Moments later she looked again."You have a boyfriend?" I asked."NO, not really." she replied. There was a guy I met this summer but he left. He wasn't from here, just visiting."You were lovers?" I asked.She looked at me. God there was some heat coming off of here. "We had sex a few times. It was the first time for me. The guys around here are all jerks, fishermen and bikers.""Do you miss him?" I asked."sometimes I do." she replied. I saw her eyes go to my cock again. The length of it was stretched against my pants. "He was older than me, twenty years old. He never called after he went. He said he would." Cokes a funny thing. It can make you artic or it can make the emotions swell. Her eyes were misty from remembering the hurt.I reached out and brushed here hair. She didn't stop me. I said, "Don't be sad, you'll find someone else. Everybody gets hurt.""Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked."NO." I replied, still stroking her hair. "Not anymore. I want to kiss you." I said. "Can I?""Okay." she replied.I grabbed the edges of her seat and pulled her chair close to mine. I took her face in my hands and kissed her mouth. God, I think back, it was so very, very good. (I can still taste those sweet young lips.) Alone in this trailer with this young girl, not a virgin and no one coming to this house. Her mouth opened uder mine and Young Lolita Toplist we played with each others tongues for awhile. "That was really nice." I said."yeah, it was." she said.My cock was hardening and I had to pull at my jeans. She looked and said. "you've got a hard-on.""It's because of you." I said. "you're so fucking beautiful."She blushed. I kissed her again. I took her hand and put it on my cock. She didn't resist. She ran her hand over the surface of it. "You're really big." she said."Bigger than that other guy?" I asked."oh yeah." she said.I touched her breast and played with the nipple. She closed her eyes. I reached to her waist and pulled her shirt over her Young Lolita Toplist head. That's the thing with coke. Once it's moving in your system and the sex is happening, there is no stopping it. I looked at her pert tits. The nipples were swollen. Her eyes slitted as I played with them. We snorted more lines and then I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. "Where can we go to lay down?" I asked. I followed her into her bed room. Then I sat on the bed and pulled her to me. I kissed her belly and she groaned, then I ran my hand between her legs and over the mound of her sex. I unzipped her jeans and pulled them and her panties to her knees. Her sparse bush was in front of me. The soft downy hair climbed like a centipede out of her sex. It had not even grown to the sides. It was very sexy to see a young bush like this. I put her hands on my shoulders and she stepped out of her jeans naked.I stood up and took off my clothes and my cock sprng free and stood out in front of me. "You cock is so big." she said. Young Lolita Toplist I put her hand on it again.I kissed her mouth. "have you ever sucked a cock?" I asked. "Once with that man." she replied."Did he come in your mouth?""No." she answered."I'm going to eat your pussy until you come." I pushed her down on the bed and spread her legs and kissed the insides of her thighs, moving up until I could brush her pussy lips with my tongue. She began to moan as I did this. I stuck my tongue into her pearlescent slit, it was already wet from her excitement and had no smell at all. I licked at her clit for some time as she became increasingly more excited. She was moving her ass under my mouth and saying, "so good, so good. Oh that feels so good." I began to stick my tongue as far inside her as it would go. I spread her cheeks and played with her ass ring with my index finger. She was crying out now and I knew she was close. Her pussy was drenched with wetness. I pressed the backs of her legs forward and began to stick my nose into her pussy. I parted her asscheeks and started to tongue her asshole. She was quite clean. I could taste the barest acridness of her shit. I plunged my tongue inside her and she screamed with pleasure and I continued to move my nose in and Young Lolita Toplist out of her pussy and to tongue her ass. I could feel her trembling. Then she grabbed my head and pressed up against me and cried, "I'm coming, oh fuck, I'm coming. Her body shook with orgasm and I could feel her fluids flow out on to my face. I drove my tongue as far inside her ass as it could go and rotated my nose hard against her pussy. She kept gasping and saying incomprehensible things, her orgasms rushed repeatedly. Finally she feel back on the bed with her legs spread. "Fuck me. I want you cock inside me." she said.I said, "I don't have any protection.""I don't care, I won't get pregnant." she said. How she could know this I have no idea.I said, "I'll fuck you but I won't come. I'll come in your mouth. Okay?" I asked as I crawled between her legs."Yes, anything, anything you want." she said."I want you to swallow my come too." I replied as I pressed the head of my dick into her.""Oh yes! I want to drink your come." she screamed.She was incredibly tight. I had never felt anything Young Lolita Toplist like it. She cried out as I penetrated her, spreading her legs wide. I brought her ankles around my neck and looked down to watch the last of me disappear into her tight young hole. She was twisting and pushing in a frenzy. She very badly wanted fucking and I gave it to her. She kept saying, "uh uh uh...oh yeah..uh uh uh...oh good...oh fuck!..oh yeah..." I had her ass against my legs above the knees. It fascinated me to be watching my cock go in and out of her. Looking in her eyes which looked crazed was such aa turn on.After awhile I turned her over and fucked her from behind. Then I slid my forefinger into her ass and massaged my cock through the tissue membrane. She went nuts..."Oh fuck!!! Oh Fuck!!!...yes! yes! fuck me..fuck me!!!" I managed to get another finger into her ass and she bucked and growled and screamed. This girl was stoned and wild and out of her mind. It was not long before she began to come and her pussy muscles clenched at my dick as she came in rolling waves, every one of which I could feel. I had a time to keep from coming but the coke helped that. "Uh uh uh..I'm coming. I'm coming!!!" she cried. This went on for some time until she fell away from me on the bed. Her eyes were teared from the passion. "That was fucking incredible she said."I stood up with my hard dick jutting out. She licked her lips and came toward it. She Young Lolita Toplist took me into her mouth and began sucking. "This is so cool." she said. "Having your dick in my mouth. I wanted you to fuck me after we snorted the first line." The sight of her young mouth slurping and sucking at my dick brought me quickly to the edge. ""I'm going to come." I said. "As you feel me shooting into your mouth, just swallow. But save some because I want to see it on your tongue." Moments later I felt my cock explode in her mouth. "Oh yeah." I said. Her eyes widened and her throat bobbed as she swallowed my come. I pulled my dick back and shot on her lips and rubbed my cock all around her mouth. She opened her mouth and I could see my come on her tongue, a long strand was running from the side of her mouth. I shoved my cock back into her mouth and fucked her mouth with my hand on her head. "You are a born natural cocksucker." I said. "You're great."She smiled and licked my come from her lips. "It doesn't taste bad at all." she said. I like it."It was still some hours before her mothers return. We snorted more coke and around 5:00 I fucked her again, with her bent over the kitchen table. then she sucked me to orgasm again. I told her I thought I should go out and then come back after her mother was home. she could tell her that I called from Miami and said I was going to drop by with news of Patrick. I said I would go to the bar in Key Largo and call after six."She'll want to see you. When I mentioned about it drugs, it isn't that she's against them. She smokes pot and I don't know, probably does whatever else too. And she knows I smoke pot, but she made me promise not to do any other drugs. I just thought you should know that.""Okay." I said. "I'll see you in a while." I can still rmember her standing there in her t-shirt without any pants on and her soft minimal bush. She looked 12 more than she did 14, except for the eyes. I knew I would have her again. Even if I got into Key West late tomorrow night, I planned on fucking her everywhere until just before her mother came home from work again. Then I would leave.After I had a few beers at the bar I called Heathers house. Her mother answered the phone. She sounded excited to hear from me and asked me to come right over. I asked her if I could bring her anything to drink. She hesitated and said, "No. that's okay."I said, "Listen, I have plenty of money. Tell me what you like. Think of it as a present from Patrick."She said, "Well, I like Wild Turkey and I like any kind of brandy, benedictine, that kind of thing." She was about to protest further so I hung up. I went to a store and bought all three. Some 101 Wild Turkey, A bottle of B&B and a bottle of Martel Cordon Bleu. What did I care? I had bread and I knew they weren't rich. I would have given every dime in my pocket just to look at Heathers naked body again, much less fuck her, much less come in her beautiful mouth and watch her swallow my seed. I was aflame with this. Before Don, before New York. before jail, I was lucky to have sex at all. Now I felt like a player. It was as if the coke was some kind of instant telepathic guru who guided me through all of the moves. It was as if some sexual seduction master had entered my body. I knew I was good looking. I had been told that often enough. But my inate shyness and clumsy personality often put girls off. I didn't have that alpha-possession mode then. I had it now.I got to the trailer door and Heathers mom opened it. Whoa, I didn't expect this. She appeared to be around 35 and she was very pretty. she had red hair and green eyes and it was obvious that her genes had gone to Patrick. I suppose Heather got her fathers. They certainly didn't look alike. She was wearing a low cut summer dress and there were a million freckles dancing on her breast tops and exploded like a shotgun blast of them across her face."I'm Janice." she said. She gave me a warm radiant smile and extended her hand. "Come in, Come in." she said. I handed her the bag of liquor. She took it and set it on the kitchen counter, exclaiming as she pulled the bottles out. "Oh, Young Lolita Toplist my God! you shouldn't have done this. This must have cost almost a hundred dollars.""So what." I replied. "enjoy."Heather walked toward me from the living room with her hand out. "I'm Heather." she said."Oh yeah, I spoke to you on the phone. How are you?""Fine." she said, then, after looking at her mother, who was busy making herself a drink, she winked at me. She turned and walked to the kitchen table, her pretty little ass twitching. I know she knew I was looking. I looked until she turned to look back while sitting down and I kept my eyes there so she would know. She smiled at this. I turned to Janice.She said, "Would you like something?" I told her I would like a nice long glass of the bourbon with ice. This she fixed for me and brought her own over to the table where we sat."I want to have a glass of wine Mom. Special occasion." Heather said, getting up. Janice smiled at me."You be careful Heather. You know the rules.""I am careful Mom. Careful is my middle name." She smiled at me again from the kitchen. I was facing her. Janice was facing toward me. She pulled her dress over her knees and spread them, placing the excess material in front of her lap. "Hot." she said, fanning her face. I nodded.We lit cigarettes and Heather took one of mine. "Heather!" Janice raised her voice. "Is that polite?""Really, she can have whatever she wants. Don't worry about it. I'd like to take you both out to dinner tonight.""oh no, that would be too much." Janice replied."Really. I want to."You may wonder why Patricks mother did not inquire about her son right off. The truth is, she didn't know yet. Heather did but I had asked her not to say anything. I told her now. This is a sad part of my story. Janice broke down and started to cry. "Oh no. What are we going to do. I have no money to spare."I put my hand on her shoulder and said. "Please. YOu don't need money. Patrick is getting help. All you need to do is hold it together and he will be home sooner or later. I had told ??? about him before I left and described him as a perfect boy for him. ??? was very interested and said he would get on it. Patrick had no prior offenses. ??? was sure he could get him out on bond and no doubt pleaded down to nothing more than probation back in Key largo for the crimes."You're helping him?" Janice asked. Hope and the uncertainty of my role warred in her eyes. I told her that I had a powerful friend who was an attorney in Miami. I told her that Patrick would have to work in this mans garden for some months to repay the legal fees but that both I and ??? thought this might be a good thing and that it might help Patrick not to get into trouble.I said, "Ordinarily he might have to spend a couple of years in jail. He's very lucky we met and that I could tell ??? about him. I said, "He's sort of a saint is ???". Hardly true, but she didn't have to know that. She didn't have to know that Patrick was going to be sucking his dick and taking it into his ass along with the cocks of all of ???'s friends. I was pretty sure Patrick was gay anyway. He was just finding out about it now. He would be in Heaven soon. No worries there.Janice had drank down her bourbon quickly and had another large one in front of her. She was going to get drunk. She was going to get drunk because it was Saturday, she had heard about her son, good news about her son after very bad news about her son and because she was lonely. Young Lolita Toplist I was already horny to put my cock inside her, horney to watch her gobble my cock with her mouth. I was becoming free and powerful and I was hungry for everything I could get."I don't know how to thank you." she said. She had real tears in her eyes. I touched her shoulder again and said. "You don't have to thank me and you don't have to cry. YOu should be glad.""Oh, I am glad." she said. These are tears of relief." We all laughed.I took them out to a club for dinner and we had a nice meal. Heather kept playing with my leg with her toes under the table.When her mother went to the bathroom. Heather said, "look, it hasn't come up but when you go to the bathroom I'll tell mom that you asked about a motel here and that you were going to go book a room. Then I'll suggest she invite you to stay on the couch in the living room. She'll do that.""Sure." I said."Tomorrows Sunday and she doesn't work. My mom hasn't had a boyfriend in awhile. I can see she likes you. If something happens that's okay."I didn't say anything. She continued. "And if it does then I'll go away tomorow for the day and you can spend the day with her.""I thought.." she cut me off."But you see, we can have Young Lolita Toplist sex all day Monday. You can stay another day, can't you?"I didn't have to think about that. I agreed. When Janice came back I excused myself to the bathroom. When I returned I had not even sat down yet and Janice was insisting I stay at their house. She asked me how long I would be in Key Largo. I said I had to be in Key West Monday afternoon. She said, "then you can stay through the weekend with us. Please, I insist.""Sure." I said. I'd like to see the area anyway.When we got back to the house, around 9:30, Heather got on the phone with her girlfriend. Afterwards I heard her whispering to her mother and a short argument while I was making drinks for the two of us. Heather went into her room and at that moment, having an intuition, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I got there I poured about a gram of coke into a thick toilet paper wrap and went to Heather. We were in a railroad flat type setup a
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